“The Amazing Spider-Man” mini-review

Here is my brief review of the latest Spider-Man film. I am a huge nerd and a longtime fan of the comic books. I have an irrational affinity to Spider-Man stories and wanted to voice my response to the movie.

Overall: 8/10

Production team

Amazing Spider-Man theatrical poster

  • Screenplay: Alternating between 9/10 (at times) and 2/10 (at times). Too many screenwriting cooks must be the reason for this spoiled broth.
  • Directing: 7/10. Many moments are awesome and well-directed. Others are unintentionally hilarious. The inconsistencies were very distracting. The overall feel was excellent, however, and the essence of Spider-Man was conveyed far better than in any of the previous films.
  • Editing: 10/10. I didn’t notice it.
  • Scoring: 2/10. Distracting and inappropriate music through most scenes.
  • Motion capture and CG animation: 10/10. Some of the best I’ve scene. Spider-Man’s movement was beautiful and life-like.
  • Photography: 10/10. Loved it.
  • Lighting: 10/10. One of the best-lit action films I’ve seen.
  • Art department (sets, props): 10/10.
  • Visual Effects: Alternating between 10/10 (Spidey’s sewer web-spinning scene) and 2/10 (the scene with the cheesy dialogue while the kid was escaping from the suspended car; the fake flames looked like a 1980s-era episode of Dr Who).
  • Sound editing: 5/10. The slow-down sounds in the very last scene were a good example of how to ruin a movie with bad sound design.


  1. Andrew Garfield: 10/10. Incredible dialogue and physical acting. (Amazing performances by stunt artists as well.)
  2. Emma Stone: 10/10. Unexpectedly awesome chemistry between Gwen and Peter.
  3. Rhys Ifans: 3/10. Melodramatic. Unintentionally humorous performance.
  4. Martin Sheen: 8/10
  5. Sally Field: 7/10
  6. Denis Leary: 7/10
  7. Irrfan Khan: 2/10. Helped Rhys Ifans make some hilariously poor B-movie scenes.

Note to Mr Webb: Lizards smell with their tongues, not their nostril holes.

Note to audiences: Stay and watch the credits. There’s a bonus scene, but you should watch the credits anyway. Most people leave before the movie is over.

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