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Young Adult fiction book trailer: Stelladaur

Shari Whyte hired me to make media to promote her new young adult fantasy novel, “Stelladaur: Finding Tir Na Nog.”

One of the awesome things about today’s cameras is that I was able to shoot both the video footage for the trailer and still photos for the website and book promotion without having many problems.

I was able to work with my friend Richard Williams on this book trailer (he scored “Time Withers” and this Settlers of Catan spoof), and Paul Cardall provided the music for the video we made that introduces the Stelladaur Academy (an online forum and learning area for young adult students).

Check out the book on Amazon and poke around the book’s website!

2012: A year in photography

Garrett’s favorite photos from 2012, taken by either Garrett or Jill Gibbons for Aderyn Productions.

Aderyn Productions Commercial Portrait and Wedding Photography in Seattle
Aderyn Productions Commercial Portrait and Wedding Photography in SeattleAderyn Productions Commercial Portrait and Wedding Photography in Seattle
Aderyn Productions Commercial Portrait and Wedding Photography in Seattle
Aderyn Productions Commercial Portrait and Wedding Photography in Seattle
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Filming in the United Nations with a GoPro camera

On June 15, I had the honor to accompany the recently-elected Chief Minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo, to the United Nations Committee of 24 meetings on decolonization. I filmed the Chief Minister’s speech and have made it available in its entirety on YouTube. It is a stirring and energetic speech that astonished all present at the meetings that morning. Here are some excerpts:

Media access is extremely limited at the United Nations, so I was a one-man crew. I placed four cameras around the room, including two Canon DSLRs, a small-sensor Canon video camera (pointed at the Spanish delegates to get reaction shots), and my personal favorite: a GoPro Hero 2 action camera! I had it with me and thought, “why not?” so I placed it on the desk next to the Chief Minister while he spoke. The media access liaison didn’t think she had ever seen one of those used in the United Nations before, so I’ll go ahead and take the credit for being the first person to film in the United Nations with an extreme sports camera.

Demo Reel 2012 – Garrett Wesley Gibbons

Looking for a filmmaker, music video director, dance photographer or visual storyteller? I’m based in Seattle, Washington but I travel the world. Hit me up!

Mount Rainier Sunset Timelapse

Mount Rainier on Jan 22, 2011. Combined from 600+ images taken  with a Canon 7D on manual exposure settings, every 3 seconds using an intervalometer.

The RAW image data was used to create 3 separate exposure/tone-mapped sequences (one calibrated for each of the beginning, middle and end of the sequence).

Those sequences were combined with varying levels of opacity to more accurately re-create the imagery as the eye sees it. (Without the 3-exposure bracketing the image would have begun so bright that the mountain wouldn’t be visible, then moved to the middle as it is here, then gotten dark too quickly to see anything.)

November storm 2010

When the phone rings at 9pm in the middle of a snowstorm, you start thinking fast: is someone hurt? do I need to bundle up and go fight the snow? Is it Puget Sound Energy calling to ask me to go into the storm to take photos?

Thankfully, it wasn’t anyone in distress. Off I went into the snow to earn my daily bread. When brides, families and models are their most camera-shy, these guys were at their best.

Images owned by Puget Sound Energy, taken by Garrett Wesley Gibbons.

November Storm 2010
November storm 2010November storm 2010
November storm 2010
November storm 2010November storm 2010
November storm 2010November storm 2010

Water Polo State Poster

The idea for this came in a flash one morning, so I drew the design and some rough sketches out on the back of a receipt. I had been doing design work for the water polo team and everything I had thrown at them had been well-received. Thankfully, the decision-makers were into this idea as well, so I arranged the shoot during the following week, got the frames I needed in about 20 minutes (plus a handful of “safety” frames, just in case one of them didn’t fit the design well when put together), and had the poster finished within an hour of importing the RAW files from the CF card.

The main design goal was to have something high-impact, readable and attention-grabbing that could be photocopied on B&W.


Love it or hate it, it was gratifying to see the initial concept become a reality without having to cut any corners or mitigate details.

33 miles in 2.5 minutes (Chilly Hilly 2010)

My obsession with time-lapse film continues.

This morning, thousands of cyclists from around the United States came to ride the 33 mile loop around Bainbridge Island known as the Chilly Hilly. I got a few hours of filming in before church, then grabbed Dylan after church for a few more hours of filming while Jill rested.

My favorite shot is featured in the video thumbnail: hundreds of cyclists on Baker Hill Road at once, weaving past each other in accelerated time. The scale of the cyclists is insect-like when viewing all of Baker Hill at once.

Music by Chopin and Prokofiev. Photography by Garrett Gibbons.

Cookies Time-lapse

We’ve moved into our new apartment and the kitchen is so beautiful that I wanted to film some baking footage last night while Jill made cookies. The result? Drama, cookies, and time-lapse!

Garrett’s Demo Reel 2009

I’ve had a little extra time to brush up my demo reel and put something together to show what I’ve been working on for the last year or so. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback through Twitter and Facebook, so if anyone has anything to say, please pitch in!