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Walking through Machu Picchu

I was fortunate enough to visit Machu Picchu with my wife last September, where we took photos and filmed video footage for Destination Peru a travel agency and tour service based in nearby Cusco, Peru. You can view some of the photos from Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu in this gallery.
Guard Tower Machu Picchu

I filmed a ton of steadicam footage while I was there, walking through the ruins and trails, and I thought that the nearly-raw footage might be useful to future travelers who are trying to get an idea of what the terrain is like and what they can expect. Here is a piece I put together with composer Richard Williams:

Also, here’s the walkthrough of Machu Picchu:

Here’s a walkthrough of the hike from Machu Picchu to the top of Huayna Picchu (the peak that we see so prominently behind the ruins):

Commercial Time-Lapse Photography in Gibraltar

During November and December of 2012, I had the pleasure to film several weeks of construction time-lapse in Gibraltar for SoEnergy International (formerly Energy International). The time-lapse footage was included in the following piece, produced by Roar Media in Miami, FL.

Here’s a version with an added voiceover and project overview:

When a casual viewer sees something like this, they may assume that there was a large crew involved with the production, and that they were able to operate in sterile, controlled environments. In reality, the story behind the time-lapse is far more interesting.
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2012: A year in photography

Garrett’s favorite photos from 2012, taken by either Garrett or Jill Gibbons for Aderyn Productions.

Aderyn Productions Commercial Portrait and Wedding Photography in Seattle
Aderyn Productions Commercial Portrait and Wedding Photography in SeattleAderyn Productions Commercial Portrait and Wedding Photography in Seattle
Aderyn Productions Commercial Portrait and Wedding Photography in Seattle
Aderyn Productions Commercial Portrait and Wedding Photography in Seattle
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November storm 2010

When the phone rings at 9pm in the middle of a snowstorm, you start thinking fast: is someone hurt? do I need to bundle up and go fight the snow? Is it Puget Sound Energy calling to ask me to go into the storm to take photos?

Thankfully, it wasn’t anyone in distress. Off I went into the snow to earn my daily bread. When brides, families and models are their most camera-shy, these guys were at their best.

Images owned by Puget Sound Energy, taken by Garrett Wesley Gibbons.

November Storm 2010
November storm 2010November storm 2010
November storm 2010
November storm 2010November storm 2010
November storm 2010November storm 2010

Water Polo State Poster

The idea for this came in a flash one morning, so I drew the design and some rough sketches out on the back of a receipt. I had been doing design work for the water polo team and everything I had thrown at them had been well-received. Thankfully, the decision-makers were into this idea as well, so I arranged the shoot during the following week, got the frames I needed in about 20 minutes (plus a handful of “safety” frames, just in case one of them didn’t fit the design well when put together), and had the poster finished within an hour of importing the RAW files from the CF card.

The main design goal was to have something high-impact, readable and attention-grabbing that could be photocopied on B&W.


Love it or hate it, it was gratifying to see the initial concept become a reality without having to cut any corners or mitigate details.

Victor Shade’s final show

Oct 30, 2010. The Vera Project (Seattle). Full show gallery here.
Victor Shade AKA RA Scion
Victor Shade AKA RA Scion
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Stills & Motion Seattle HDSLR Workshop Nov 6, 2010

UPDATE: Due to a rainy forecast, the workshop has been moved to the Seattle Center House! Meet at the North entrance to the Center House, which is on the end closer to the fountain and football field.

The Seattle HDSLR group will be pleased to host a free stills/motion DSLR workshop on November 6 at 2pm at the Seattle Center House.  Please RSVP here and bring your friends!

  • Meet at the North Entrance.
  • 2pm: Video Workshop
  • 3pm: Photo Workshop
  • end time: when everyone’s done

Video Workshop: Better 60p Slow-motion

Starting at 2pm at the Seattle Center House, Garrett Gibbons will be leading a shoot and discussion about better using the 60p function of recent DSLR cameras for slow-motion.

Our special guests will be breakdancers from the Flying Sneakers Cru, who are coming to battle and break it down so we can have some sweet footage.  Make sure to check out their performances and Garrett’s slow-motion work on the 7D in the Victor Shade “Soothsayer” music video.

Photo Workshop

Around 3pm at Seattle Center, Jake Chapman will lead a workshop on fashion and wedding photography, emphasizing fusion techniques unique to HDSLRs.  Jake’s one-light strobe photography is practical, versatile and gorgeous.

Bring your strobes, a flash trigger if you have one, or just a pair of listening ears. Your photography will improve as you work through lighting solutions with Jake and the group.

Bring friends and spread the word!
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“The Weekend Forecast” band photos

Jill and I have been having a blast with this latest music video shoot for “The Weekend Forecast,” a band we came in contact with through lead singer Benji Schwimmer. We spent two days outdoors in severe Utah weather to get the footage we needed for the video.

While shooting, there were moments when stills told the story better than video, so I grabbed a few shots with the 7D and then resumed filming. The music video won’t likely be finalized for a few weeks, but in the meantime, enjoy the photos!

Haiti Relief Show at Neumo’s

Sol, Common Market, Khingz, DJ Pryme, Dyno Jamz, Flying Sneakers and The Physics gave an excellent show at Neumo’s last night. The show sold out early, and 100% of the proceeds went to Doctors Without Borders. The music was great, the crowd excellent, and the cause noble. A lot of love was shared for family and friends of performers who have died or who are suffering right now in Haiti.

I was blessed enough to be backstage and onstage as the photographer for the event, and had an amazing experience capturing the show through images. Here’s a link to the full set of galleries, which you can also access by clicking on any picture below.

Update: Here’s UW TV’s piece that they did on the benefit show, featuring the talented SOL who put the show together.


Here is some footage Garrett shot of Jill, Dylan, and other family at the Boundy’s farm yesterday.  Canon 7D.