Faux Slow Mo

Brian UngUsing some recent footage, I set out to compare the various methods available to me to bring 60p slow motion to 20% speed (equivalent to 120p, played back at 24p).

After doing this, my conclusions are:

  • Nothing beats real slow-motion. Rent a high-speed camera!
  • If you absolutely must fake it, Motion’s “Optical Flow” is slightly better than Twixtor 5 or After Effects’ pixel motion setting.

The results are shown in the following order:

0:04 – 100% speed (framed are dropped from 60p to play at 24p in real time)
0:09 – 40% speed (60p conformed to 24p)
0:21 – 20% speed (Apple Motion: “Motion-blur Blending” setting)
0:46 – 20% speed (Adobe After Effects: pixel motion)
1:12 – 20% speed (Adobe After Effects: Twixtor 5 demo)
1:38 – 20% speed (Apple Motion: “Optical Flow” setting)

Canon 7D, 10-22 EF-S lens.

“Where did the time go?” by Hushd Puppies. Download the song for free!

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  1. Neal November 16, 2012 at 6:42 am #

    I still feel like there is still too much digital artefact around the subject’s “moving parts” with Optical Flow. I liked the results with Twixtor 5. Bottom line, however: rent a high speed camera lol.