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Copy seeks to become the new Dropbox

Copy app logo I love Dropbox. I use it daily to sync business data and project documents (but not the source media) between various computers on our office network. It’s simple, powerful, and free (or cheap, if you want more storage). Today I learned about Dropbox’s worst nightmare: Copy.

Copy is a Dropbox competitor that has awesome improvements over Dropbox, but is otherwise very similar.

Some of the improvements over Dropbox I’ve noticed so far:

  • You start with 15 GB (2 GB on Dropbox), and get 5 GB for each referral (250 MB for Dropbox). $99/yr plan is for 250 GB (50 GB for Dropbox).
  • If you’re sharing a folder between several people, the space used on each account is also shared. With Dropbox, a 12 GB file shared by 3 people would occupy 12 GB of space on each account. With Copy, it occupies 4 GB of space on each of the 3 accounts.
  • More powerful management of selective sync (where certain folders don’t sync across, such as Lightroom preview files).
  • Easier management of shared folders (which tend to easily get lost/misplaced with Dropbox), using the preferences pane for the desktop app.
  • A very cool workgroup/company sharing feature, which gives plenty of options for sharing folders among coworkers. Dropbox has a workgroup mode and shared folders, but Copy’s implementation is far slicker, in my opinion.

Company features in Copy
Otherwise, all of the key features of Dropbox seem to be present in Copy: web/desktop/mobile app access, automatic backup and syncing, easy sharing (including with people who don’t use the service), etc….

It doesn’t appear that Copy has the same level of encryption as Dropbox has, so I wouldn’t jump into this if you have highly-sensitive information (this means you, Jason Bourne).

Try it out. Use one of my links and you’ll get an extra 5 GB as a referral bonus. It runs well as a parallel app to Dropbox (and Google Drive), and is definitely worth the install.

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