Water Polo State Poster

The idea for this came in a flash one morning, so I drew the design and some rough sketches out on the back of a receipt. I had been doing design work for the water polo team and everything I had thrown at them had been well-received. Thankfully, the decision-makers were into this idea as well, so I arranged the shoot during the following week, got the frames I needed in about 20 minutes (plus a handful of “safety” frames, just in case one of them didn’t fit the design well when put together), and had the poster finished within an hour of importing the RAW files from the CF card.

The main design goal was to have something high-impact, readable and attention-grabbing that could be photocopied on B&W.


Love it or hate it, it was gratifying to see the initial concept become a reality without having to cut any corners or mitigate details.

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