Three web Spots for

I was asked to make three very different web spots for, all during the period of about one month. The budgets were decent but the turnaround time was extremely fast, so it was an interesting challenge to get all of these out the door within such a short timeframe.

The first spot is essentially a short film, meant to be a non-cliche, unconventional Christmas message that could be shared during the holidays. It was only six days from pitching the treatment to finalizing the edit. During that time I found the location, auditioned and hired actors, hired a wood carver to make some custom pieces for the story, rented the other props, and began pre-producing a second web spot for

Based on “The Street” by Allan Seager (published in Vanity Fair in 1934), but often misattributed to Harry Buschman and others, here is “The Window”:

The second spot is a motivational New Years Resolutions spot, featuring a talented young rock climber. I have been an avid rock climber for life so this was easily the most fun for me of the three:

The third spot is a more reality TV-like piece on strengthening marriage, timed for Valentines Day. Provoking reactions out of non-actors is not my forte, so this was the most challenging of the three for me:

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